Trail conditions update


Good trail conditions on south of snake, east south of the Red Deer river andthe north end loop. Be prepared for snow, ice and/or mud everywhere else!

Group Bike Rides Resuming in May!

   Tuesday evenings meet at the Aquaplex parking lot at 645 and be ready to ride at 7pm. Be there or be square. 

Tuesday Night Rides!

 We meet at the Sundre Aquaplex parking lot at 6:45pm, ride at 7pm. We ride the local trails and often get 15 to 20km of largely singletrack riding! Come to learn the trails, enjoy a social ride, get to know people!

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How do we set such awesome track for fatbiking?? With a Bryan and a Snowdog!

How best to ride Sundre’s fatbike trails

Come ride with us! “But how?” you might ask. The town of Sundre has a good 2 hours of singletrack and double track groomed fatbike trails right in town with some technical climbs and fun little descents and beautiful views. As municipal infrastructure works to catch up with trail use and demand it can be challenging to know how to ride these trails without some local knowledge. Well here you go, I’ll lay it out for you! Please refer to the map provided by the town of Sundre and download the interactive app if you wanna:


Step 1 – Parking: The trails can be accessed from various points depending on your time and riding desires. If you just want Snake Hill you can park at the Snake Hill parking lot located on the east side of Snake Hill accessed from Centre Street near the hospital. From there you have all of Snake Hill’s single track at your disposal. If you want the Red Deer River Valley you can park at the northern most parking area located off of 2nd Street NE and just north of the swale at 10th ave. Or you can park at the Alder Close cul de sac. Or you can park at the Aquaplex and ride the Bearberry creek trail east towards the river. You could park at Fas Gas and ride over the berm to access Greenwood Campground and access the trail by going under the hiway 27 bridge to get on “Beavergheddon” trail that leads you to Bearberry Creek.

Step 2 – Riding: There are many ways again depending on what kind of ride you want and how long. If it were me (and it is because I am) and I wanted the longest ride from one location I would park somewhere near Fas Gas and pop over the berm towards the Red Deer river, then go under the bridge to Beavergheddon which leads back to Centre street. If you’re game you can ride right across Bearberry Creek to get to the Shaggy, the first trail on the south end of the Red Deer River system. If the creek is flowing and your water averse, cross Bearberry Creek bridge on Center Street and then hang a hard right to descend back onto the trails, head east along the creek to then find Shaggy (singletrack heading north). Shaggy leads to Sleepy Hollow (meandering just under the houses up on the bank). Once you explore to the end of Sleepy Hollow you’ll pop back out to the graveled double track main trail. Return to the south for about 100m and then take the obvious trail towards the river and trend north. This trail is called “Beach Front” and if you stay trending north and follow any forks that go north you’ll eventually run out of trail as you find the river. Any obvious trails that go up the bank will take you up to the “North Loop Trail” which is the most northeast trail in the river valley within town limits. Follow the top of the bank north to find this trail that will pop you into a beautiful meadow, then return back as a loop. Once back to the houses one must either ride along the swale West to get to the paved municipal trail that leads to Snake Hill, or take the street along 12 ave, or go north up and through the field that we call “Coyote Flats”.

Snake Hill: Once you get to Snake Hill at the northeast corner you can go myriad ways and ride to your hearts delight! Some trails flow better certain ways but it really doesn’t matter and it’s best to just experiment to find your favorite trail. Obviously if you park at Snake Hill it’s entirely reasonable to ride Snake Hill and do the previously mentioned trails in the River Valley backwards. There’s no wrong answer if you’re still pedaling.

Sundre’s East Side single track:

There’s more single and double track to be had on the East side of the Red Deer River on both sides of Highway 27. There’s no signage but there are some more established trails and projects that have been in existence for many years. It’s hard to get lost as you have Bergen road on one side and the Red Deer River on the other but it can get confusing. The dyke runs the length of this area and also serves as a landmark. Currently these trails aren't groomed or trackset in the winter but there's adventure to be had over there!



Members from the Bike n Ski club compete in the 2016 24 hrs of Adrenaline bike race at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Click here for the Sundre Round up article.

 Interested in participating, joining or forming your own team for the 24hrs of Adrenaline Bike Race in Canmore? Email us at 

Here are some pictures from our High Rocky Trail epic! Over 60km of good times and exhaustion!