Recent Track Setting Activity

February 11, 2019.  We got all the trails trackset! The snow isn't perfect and the weather is damn cold but we got the school grounds, Snake Hill, the ditch up to 12 ave NE, the new Coyote (or Poo) Flats connector to the river valley and all the way south to Bear berry creek set with a classic track! We also packed for walking and will be working on fat bike trail grooming! The jackrabbits ski program is doing its best with the cold weather. 

Lifesport Calgary gets a MASSIVE THANK YOU! They gave us an amazing deal on what will be our rental fleet. Check out their store. They take in trade ins of used but decent equipment. Pretty sure a sale is coming up, it is spring.

Below is the NEW Official Town of Sundre Trail Map! After many months and many emails to the Town Admin from Bike n'Ski Members, we finally have an upgraded map!!!  Note that Beta Loop and Ghost Moose are also included and the only trails that have an official name! Yeah Volunteers!! It's still missing some river valley trails but still way more comprehensive than the old map probably created sometime in the 90's....

Click on the link to the Town of Sundre website to download the pdf file for better detail.



RiverValley School Rents out XC Skis, boots and poles for both adults and kids. To get set up for the weekend, please see the ladies at the front desk before 2pm on Friday. They will have you fill out a form and get you sized up.

Drop them back off at the school on Monday, preferably before noon. 

$10 per Adult and $10 for Kids for the whole weekend!


Jack Rabbits Ski Report 

Jackrabbits has begun! We have a wonderful bunch of youth and parents skiing the rodeo grounds and Snake hill. 20 kids this year! So exciting to see this many people taking up this beautiful sport/meditation. We are one lucky town to have the trails and volunteers and great snow.

We are hoping to go to Burnt Stick lake,  and Bearberry Cabins for some skiing and a change of scenery. We are also interested in a few races in Kananaskis and Lake Louise. A lot of potential is showing with our skiers.

 The meeting point is on the East access gate of the Sundre Rodeo Grounds. We are also looking for some ski mentors so anyone who has some experience is welcome to come and ski with some of the older youth.



It will make you feel warm and fuzzy on those cold days

 Chuck some money our way! If you think activity is cool and you like to ski on nice trails, you could always throw a donation our way so that we can put that money towards some of our random costs including: snowmobile maintenance; gas and oil; tracksetting gear; coffee and hot chocolate; shed repair and maintenance; insurance and registration costs (historically covered by Chinook's Edge).

If you're a business owner and you see an opportunity to benefit from having more people coming to town and enjoying the trails and amenities, you could offer services-in-kind, gift vouchers, or food and drink to our volunteers! We'd then list you on our webpage and everyone would know how kind and benevolent you are!

Thank you to our Sponsors :

  • Joko's - snowmobile gas for 2016/17
  • Mountain's Edge Cycle and Sled - 2 stroke oil and support with mechanics and sled maintenance
  • Our Can Co. - suppling porta-potties all season
  • The Sundre Rodeo Association - for letting us trackset and ski on their grounds.
  • Sundre Home Hardware - donation of various materials for the construction of the new shed
  • Sundre Forest Products/West Fraser - donation of all wood materials for construction of new shed
  • Town of Sundre - Support in land use agreements and access to municipal land
  • Chinook's Edge School Division - access to snowmobile and equipment to machine-set tracks
  • W&R Services - snow removal
  • Moose and Squirrel Medical Clinic - donation of cash much appreciated for paying club insurance and various fees


Here's an article that Simon from the Sundre Round-up did about our tracksetting activities and our interaction with the Town of Sundre to date:

Bike N' Ski Blog

The weather warmed for a few days then cooled off again to create a hard pack. Its a bit icy and little hard to groom but that hasn't stopped out volunteers from doing their best. The School and the rodeo grounds have been set and if you have on the right wax, your glide will be long and fast.

Snake hill fat bike trails have been groomed and the river trails have been too. 

The river trail is ready to be re-groomed as soon as someone has the time.

The "swale" has become a bit of a nightmare. It is currently our connection from Snake hill to the river on the north side of town. Its also the dumping grounds for snow removal. We will have to come up with a better solution. Its passable, you can ski right in the swale for now but it will eventually be too much of a challenge. We'll figure this out, hopefully with the towns help.

From the river trail to the Bearberry creek bridge on Centre st, in order to continue west, you must cross the bridge and reconnect on the south side of the bridge. From there, the trail continues to the west side of town to the field with the weir. This field provides and open, flat ski, all the way to the highway. Once at the highway, you can turn around or cross the creek via the ice or the bridge (DANGER!!!!) and ski back on the north side of the creek, around the weir and up onto the path on the north side, past the skate park. You can turn north at the skate park and ski back to the rodeo grounds. Its not pretty. Something else we hope to solve with the towns assistance.

Loops are lovely!

 January 2nd 2018

  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lots of fresh snow fell over the holidays and our team of volunteer track setters have been out in the -20-30 weather, making our ski and bike dreams come true. The trails have been packed several times, and track set. The rodeo grounds are prepped for Tuesday night ski from 6-8. 

 Jackrabbits starts on Sunday. Its not too late to sign up! Get your kids out on Sundays from 3 till 4, at the rodeo grounds unless notified of another location.

  Its Tuesday, the news paper came out today. Simon caught up with Bryan last week to get an update on the work the Ski and Bike club has been doing. Front page!!!! Thanks Sundre Round up and Simon for the good words.

September 19th 2017

 Hey there! Summer is winding down but the weather is still great. We are looking forward to skiers signing up for Jackrabbits, parents and kids! The bike season has been fantastic, not that I bike much but many of our members do. For me, its a great way to exercise my very energetic dogs. They love it! Some of our members have worked very hard this summer cutting back some of the grass, logs and eye poking sticks to help make our trails safer for everyone. Using their own time, energy, tools and gas. Thank you. Also chatting and trying to work positively with the town to move forward with a trail system to benefit everyone mentally, physically and economically. many people come to Sundre just for our amazing trails and scenery. We are lucky.

January 2, 2017

Well slidey folks, I have a good feeling. Why? Well, there's snow, for starters. There's nothing that frustrates me more than a winter that is too warm for snow but too icy to do much else. Also, our club has finally worked out many of the kinks with our tracksetting program and the access and use of municipal lands so now we can get down to the business of accomplishing our winter goal: to set and maintain consistent xc ski trails in and around Sundre. What else? We have a great group of volunteers who are keen to set track and get out there skiing! What else? We have an awesome new shed thanks to our sponsors and volunteers so it's much easier to do the machine work and have a comfy place to get organized. What else? Community partners are coming together to make this happen!

Myron set some track on Snake hill and Red Deer River valley and I went for a quick ski the other night. It was about -15 and very quiet. I put on a podcast of the best tunes of 2016 (I was surprised to find that there were some good tunes in 2016!) and had a nice long tour for about an hour. Despite some of the tracks being messed up by some quad tracks and footprints, it was an exquisite ski! I returned home pleasantly fatigued and mentally soothed. This is what we're doing this for! Sundre felt like the best to place to be that night!

- Paul

February 21, 2018

I went for a beautiful ski tonight. There was some walking and navigating bare spots. I chose to not ski across Bearberry Creek as usual as it's flowing and watery. I was mostly double-poling and skate skiing over the ice and making high speed turns through the river valley. And it was fun! I was alone, listening to some podcast about a heavy metal cruise ship with a Christian vocalist arguing with his agnostic guitarist. The temperature was warm, the stars were out, I could smell the soil as it revealed itself to the world from under the melting snow.  Peaceful, quiet, fast.