1st Annual Snakehill Slither

Equipment News!!

We're upgrading our equipment! This picture is of our borrowed snowmachine and renovator. It works but we're striking out on our own which will allow us to be more efficient and set better track.

 Unfortunately we're not quite there financially. Our new groomer cost about $9000 and the implement to pull it might be north of that. We have a Snowdog and fatbike groomer that was bought last year through donations and t-shirt sales. We needed a new shed to house the growing arsenal of trail maintenance machinery and toolswhich was built this fall (again with the support from generous sponsors). So... we've started a go-fund me campaign! A note on the gofundme experience. Gofundme charges a platform fee of about 2.9% plus 30 cents per donation, so if you donate $100, about $3 goes to the gofundme platform. There's a tip option on the donation page, please be aware of that as you might accidentally tip them, and the tip seems to be automatically set at %12.5. This is all new to us too so please be aware!

Benefits of donating to the Sundre Bike n' Ski Club - why is what we do important?

  • Wellness - general wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) takes effort to maintain. Having fun in the outdoors makes it that much easier!
  • Community - one of Sundre's outdoor selling points is our multi-use trail system on Snakehill and the river valley. Walkers, runners, bikers, skiers, snowshoe'ers, everbody can get out and enjoy the natural areas of Sundre. Walkers especially benefit from our trail grooming as, when the snow is deep, we pack it to allow people to walk beside eachother as opposed to a single-file trench that inevitably gets tromped in by boots. Walking and being active together is a good thing!
  • Covid-19 - in case you haven't noticed, EVERYTHING IS WEIRD!! AND CLOSED!! But what isn't weird and closed is our world outside. No pool? Go slide outside. No spin classes? Go ride outside. Arena shut? Go wander along the river.
  • Tourism - people like to ski, bike and walk. They go to Bragg Creek, Canmore, Banff, Jasper, all over really to do these things. What we have in Sundre is quite amazing to have right in a municipality and people come here to enjoy what we have which provides tourism dollars for the town.
  • Teaching - our volunteers provide mentorship and instruction to youth and adults alike in this community. Our Bunnyrabbits and Jackrabbits ski club has proven to be a gentle and enjoyable way to introduce youth to skiing and the outdoors. Our Tuesday night bike rides and sporadic bike trips around the province support skill building, community building, and good health.
  • Events - the work that our club is doing is paving the way for events to be held in this community. We've had a couple "Come Ride With Us" events and hope to have more!
  • Trail stewardship - There are best practices to making safe and enjoyable trails. Our club works with the municipality to nurture a growing and exceptional trail system within the municipality for all to enjoy.
  • Partnerships - Building community isn't a passive past time. Our club works hard to make connections and work towards community minded goals with various organizations throughout the community. For example, the Sundre Chamber of Commerce is looking to build a boardwalk and our club is helping with the manpower. Another example: the town of Sundre developed some maps and put up signage with support from our club.
  • Volunteerism - We all need purpose and volunteering has been proven to be a way to make sense out of a sometimes senseless existence.  Our club is very action oriented and provides various ways to give back to the community and make change while being out and active! 


Who We Are

In 2015 the Sundre Bike n' Ski Club became a registered non-profit group.

We are Sundre and area residents who enjoy activities in the outdoors and see the potential to create and utilize the amazing terrain right here in our town!

If you would like to contribute to the Bike n' Ski Club, you can volunteer for our various projects (trail building and maintenance, xc and fatbike trail grooming, promotions) or todonate funds please contact

Sponsors 2020

Platinum ($300 plus yearly)

 Shell Legacy grant ($15000)

Sundre Home Hardware

 Westfraser Sundre

Chinook's Edge School Division

Town of Sundre ($6000)

Gold ($50 plus yearly)

Mountains Edge Cycle and Sled

Sundre Rodeo Association

Past Donations for projects and services in kind

Moose and Squirrel Medical Clinic

Sundre Forest Products

Sundre Home Hardware

Our Can Company


W & R Services

Lifesport Calgary


Snake Hill Slither brought to you with TrailBlazers Youth racing and Red Deer region Flexxaire. See poster above.

Also BIKE DAY with GNP. July 28th at GNP. See GNP website for more info. Sundre Bike N Ski will be there to facilitate activities like Road Safety, Tune up advice, skills and more.


Get ahold of the Sundre Bike n' Ski Club @ 

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